January 24, 2021

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I always have a problem with dry, sore, tired skin on my feet. Of course, nothing compares to a good pedicure with proper callus removal but I do not always have time for that. So I've picked up the moisturizing Scholl Pedi-mask socks at my local Kruidvat (#notsponsored). On the packaging Scholl promises that after 20 minutes our feet are going to be soft and nourished - that sounds interesting. ⠀

⚠️ These are moisturizing socks, not exfoliating socks. There are no chunks of skin flaking off after use.⠀

Scholl Pedi-mask socks

Scholl Pedi-mask socks

The formula is enriched with a lot of good stuff. High on the ingredients list we can find glycerine, urea, shea butter, macadamia oil, allantoin, panthenol and coconut oil.  The socks are designed with the Hydro'restore technology - the sock is lined with a double-layered mesh which distributes the cream serum evenly on feet without the mess.⠀
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The socks are really easy to apply. These are tight and not slippery at all yet I do not recommend walking around with these socks on.⠀

Scholl Pedi-mask socks

Scholl voedend voetenmasker

I like the results after use. I feel that the formula penetrates deep into the skin. It leaves my feet well moisturized, nourished, soft and relaxed. Perfect for a little spa moment.⠀
Overall I do recommend the Scholl Pedi-mask moisturizing socks. These are perfect if you are looking for a quick fix for your feet with a long-lasting effect.⠀
For even better results I would advise you to scrub the feet before applying socks (the effect is even more satisfying then).⠀
Scholl Pedi-mask socks

Scholl expert care Pedi-mask socks price and availability

The pair of Scholl socks retail for €4.99. Now that's a lot for a single-use pair of socks but I think that it's worth it. Scholl is often 1+1 gratis at Kruidvat or Etos so I do always buy a few pairs then.

Have you ever used moisturizing socks? Let me know if there is any brand you can recommend.


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