December 21, 2020

Review | Najel - Prickly pear seed oil |

The prickly pear oil (known as cactus seed oil, Opuntia ficus indica, or the barbary fig) is one of the most precious oils in the world. The oil is pressed right out the seeds of the opuntia - a cactus fruit. These seeds are very dry and contain just around 5% of oil each. Because of that, it needs a lot of work to press and extract the oil out of them. For example, the 460 kilograms of seeds make just 1 litre of oil.

najel prickly pear oil. prickly pear oil benefits

Prickly pear seed oil benefits

The cactus 🌵  (opuntia ficus indica) is a type of plant that can survive in a hot dry climate (it grows in the desert) without a lot of water - thanks to that the prickly pear oil has skin barrier protection and renewal properties.

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The prickly pear seed oil contains a high concentration of vitamins, such as vitamin E (tocopherol, a natural antioxidant that fights free radicals), vitamin K, and vitamin A. The oil is full of essential fatty acids, amino acids, and Omega 6 and 9 as well. The oil is non-comedogenic.

najel prickly pear oil. prickly pear oil benefits

My opinion about the prickly pear seed oil

There are many manufacturers of prickly pear seed oil. Currently, I have the oil made by Najel and I am really happy with this one.  It retails for €24.85/80ml.

I am using this oil as the last step of my PM skincare as an occlusive to seal and lock all the ingredients and moisture into my skin.

I like that this particular oil is not greasy and is very lightweight yet it is very rich. It does not leave any unpleasant residue. Few drops are enough to pat it all over my face. 

I feel that the prickly pear oil makes my routine complete.  It makes my skin glowing, silky smooth, and well-nourished. Also, it can be used on hair, it works wonders when applied overnight

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