October 11, 2020

Review | Egyptian Magic | beautycourier.nl

Egyptian Magic is one of the insta-famous product, I see it almost everywhere! Since I've got it as a gift from @bykvte (visit her insta page here) I am using it regularly and wow, I am impressed.


The Egyptian Magic on their website claims that it can be used in many many ways, for example:

  • as a face moisturizer
  • as an eye cream
  • as a scar treatment
  • as a hair oil
  • as a baby care cream
  • as a shaving balm
  • as eczema, burn and wound relief
  • also, it heals skin irritations and redness

So yeah, indeed it's multi-functional. As I have mentioned earlier I am impressed. The product is based on universal ingredients that are well known for centuries, such as olive oil, beeswax, propolis, bee pollen, honey, and royal jelly extract.

My skin is very happy with the Egyptian Magic. It can be used literally from head to toe. I like to use it the most as a part of my PM routine, after applying my serum and cream.

It is taking a while for Egyptian Magic to sink into the skin, but it's not greasy or sticky. It makes my skin plump and soft. I haven't noticed if it clogs up my pores but be aware that there's always a possibility of that.

The Egyptian Magic is the perfect solution for cracked heels and dry cuticles - it works wonders in combination with urea cream - apply the cream and seal it with the Egyptian Magic (thank me later!).

Also, I like to apply it to my hair length and ends overnight. Right after washing it off my hair is nourished and silky smooth.

The Egyptian Magic also soothes red, eczema prone and rashed, inflamed skin. It works as a healing compress. Tip: apply a thick amount on your lips overnight as a mask - you'll be amazed by the results.

What I also like to do is to apply the Egyptian Magic on my eyelashes to improve its condition.

Remember to warm up the Egyptian Magic a bit before applying so it can spread well and absorb nicely.

Overall, yes! I love Egyptian Magic. It's multifunctional, efficient, and works miracles.

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Price:  €22.95 per 59ml - click here or  €11.95 per mini bundle 2x 7.5 ml

Have you ever used Egyptian Magic? Let me know!

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