July 01, 2020

Review | Kruidvat - Originals - Apricot scrubcrème

If you are shopping in Kruidvat I bet that you are familiar with this little jar. This is one of the Kruidvat's products which I'm using since I've moved in to the Netherlands (oh wow it's almost nine years already, time flies fast!).

I think that it is a great dupe of the famous St. IVES apricot scrub which I've used as a teenager.

If it comes to the mechanical scrubs, the Kruidvat apricot scrub (besides the Upcircle Beauty coffee scrub) is currently my favorite.

In this cute jar, you can find crushed apricot seeds soaked in a crème. At first glimpse, the crushed seed particles may look harsh but do not worry - it wouldn't hurt you. Thanks to the scrub my skin is well exfoliated, soft, and radiant. The scrub washes off easily and leaves my face clean and without any residue.

Available at: Kruidvat

Price: 2.29 euro

What's your favorite face scrub? Let me know so I can try it out too!

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