July 26, 2020

Review | HEMA - Coconut oil infused hair brush

I just love shopping in HEMA - their products esthetics and quality are really up my alley. 

A few weeks ago I've bought this cute hairbrush. The (synthetic, I believe) hair bristles are infused with the coconut oil which is supposed to give the hair a nice shine.

I have long and thick hair so I am always picky when it comes to a hair brush. It should be well made and should not snag or pull my hair.

The brush base is very solid and made of a single piece of plastic so there is no way the handle can fall off. I like how well made it is. The brush feels really comfortable in my hand, thanks to the nice ergonomic handle design.

The HEMA hairbrush is the perfect everyday brush. It does a great job of smoothing and detangling. I love the shape of it as it brushes out big chunks of my hair at a time. It glides easily through wet or dry hair as well. 

Thanks to the coconut oil-infused bristles, it gives my hair a nice shine (do not worry, it would not make the hair greasy in any way).

Overall I do really recommend this HEMA hair brush. It is very affordable - €6 - and perfect for all kinds of hair, helps to detangle and maintains a soft, shiny hair look.

I do not know how long-lasting the coconut oil infusion effect would be, but so far I'm really impressed. 

I think that the HEMA coconut oil-infused hairbrush is a really good option if you are looking for a good, solid, and affordable hairbrush.

Price: €6

What's your current hairbrush? Let me know what do you think about this HEMA hairbrush too ⬇️

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