May 26, 2020

Review | Boozyshop - Boozy Cosmetics - 24 pieces brush set

I've treated myself with this brush set some time ago - It was a part of the Birthday gift from me to me :) Who doesn't like a good set of brushes?

The Boozyshop set consists of the 24 brushes for face and eye makeup. The bristles in Boozyshop's  brushes are fully synthetic. Boozyshop claims that the set is handmade. 

White wood handle and the rose gold ferrule makes the set look luxurious. The set comes with a white pouch.

Brushes are soft and fluffy. These are one of the softest brushes I own. Applies products very precisely. The brushes do not shed which is great! Also, they do not lose their shape after washing.

I am very happy with this set. It contains every brush I need for various face and eye looks.

The value for money is absolutely brilliant, we get 24 super high-quality brushes for €59.95 which is just €2.44 per brush - that is crazy!

Availability: 🇳🇱/🇧🇪 Boozyshop - click here to buy / Price: €59.95 / the review is #notsponsored.

What is your favorite brand when it comes to brushes? Do you prefer synthetic or natural ones? Let me know!

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