April 07, 2020

Review | Ziaja - Jeju micellar water

micellar water for sensitive skin
This is a really pleasant makeup remover. It doesn't leave any oily residue on my face as some other micellar waters do. It is very gentle with almost no smell.

Usually, I'm using it to remove any makeup residues right after cleansing my face with oil and gel, then I'm rinsing it off with water (even if producer claims it's not necessary - it's a must to rinse the micellar water off - remember about that).

It does a great job removing full face makeup - powder, foundation and concealer. Removes my waterproof mascara easily with no excessive rubbing required. It really takes mascara off with no effort at all! Yet it is a bit difficult to remove matte lipsticks completely (some staining is left behind so I have to rub just a little bit more to get it all off). It is not harsh and does not dry my skin out.

Ziaja is not testing their products on animals.

Available at: Ziaja Nederland online store / Ziaja brand store in Den Haag  / €4.99 

Have you ever heard about this one? What's your favorite micellar water? Let me know.

Big thanks to Ziaja Nederland for providing the product for testing purposes.

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