April 29, 2020

Review | Fitokosmetik - Valday Blue Clay

fitokosmetik valdai valday clay

I am a huge fan of clays, especially natural ones which you can simply prepare with just adding water or floral / herbal distillates (hydrolates). The Fitocosmetik clays are one of my favorites! This 100% blue clay is mined in Valday - ecologically clean area in Russia.

Blue Clay benefits:

  • hydration and oxygenation 
  • removes impurities 
  • gives skin a glow and huge radiance boost 
  • has invigorating properties

I'm using this clay on my scalp mixed with just water and few drops of tea tree oil or with silicone free mask to remove any excess sebum or any bulid up. This gives my hair an awesome volume and helps me to maintain my eczema prone scalp.

Besides scalp, I like to use it on my face. I like how bright, nourished and refreshed my skin is right after. Pores are tightened and clean. You can use it as a spot treatment too!

Available at: russischewinkel.nl (not sponsored)

Price: From €2 to €4.

Do you like clays? Which one is your favorite? I think my favorites are pink clay and blue as well. 

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