March 30, 2020

Review | Lavera - sheet masks - Illuminating and Hydrating

Some time ago I've got a huge package from Lavera Nederland with a lot of goodies (big thanks 💚) including these sheet masks. More reviews are coming soon!

The Lavera sheet masks:

✔️are vegan 
✔️are made from Tencel 
✔️are 100% biodegradable

I've tested out two masks:
  • the GLOW mask - illuminating, with dragonfruit and bio raspberry extract.

  • the HYDRO mask - hydrating, with glacier water and bio cucumber extract.

Each mask is generously soaked in essence. Both masks were gentle for my skin. I haven't noticed any irritations or whatsoever.

My favorite is the GLOW mask enriched with the antioxidants and the dragonfruit, lychee and raspberry extracts. Right after use, my face was glowy, supple, nourished and hydrated. The mask has a wonderful sweet, floral scent.

The HYDRO mask is pretty nice too. Thanks to the cucumber extract and glacier water it's sooo soothing and extremely moisturizing. My face was plumped and refreshed. I've really liked this one. I think that it would be a great choice for summer, especially after sun exposition.

In my opinion, only the shape of the masks could be a little bit better because the eye holes cuts are way too big. But that's only one minus point! The masks do not slip or slide off the face.

Price: From €5.50 to €6 per mask.

Availability: / / /dadrogist /

Have you ever heard about the Lavera sheet masks? Let me know!

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