March 20, 2020

Review | Kruidvat - Q10 Booster drops

The Kruidvat proves to us again that good skincare doesn't have to be expensive. One of the newest add on to the Kruidvat's own brand skincare counter is the Q10 Booster.

The Booster drops contain liposomal Q10 with proven anti-wrinkle properties. The other ingredients are: caffeine, vitamin E and acai berries extract which is a well known antioxidant

The packaging feels very heavy and luxurious. I like it.

The formula goes on smoothly and has no noticeable scent. It has a light lotion texture and absorbs very quickly. It leaves no film or tackiness.

Since I have incorporated this Q10 booster drops into my AM and PM routine as well, I have noticed very positive results. My skin looks and feels firmer, smoother, plumped and the skin tone seems to be visibly improved. Thanks to the caffeine it gives my face a quick fix. I'm using it along with other skincare products as it layers very well but also I like to use it solo.

Have you ever heard about this one? Do you like to use skincare products from drugstores' own brands?

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