March 26, 2020

Review | Clay and Glow - detoxifying Pink Clay mask

The Clay and Glow detoxifying Pink Clay mask is definitely one of the most hyped products I've ever seen! Ads all over Facebook, Instagram, lots of praising posts with promising before and after results. I couldn't resist trying and checking out what it's all about.

I've ordered my jar on a black Friday sale with a little bit of discount. The regular price may seem a little bit high (€25.95 for 60ml jar) but if it comes to ingredients list (no fuzz) and quality it's now, in my opinion, the best option available on the market. The mask is 98.5% natural.

On the Clay and Glow Instagram or Facebook pages, you can often find the discount codes - the most recent one I've seen was GLOW10 - gives you 10% off.

The key ingredients are

  • pink clay
  • aloe vera
  • black quinoa
  • acai berries 

Clay and Glow mask - my opinion

I really like the formula. It's thick, nourishing and I'd say healing for my skin. Besides rosacea flare-ups from time to time and large pores, I do not really have huge skin concerns but I have noticed that since I'm using the Clay and Glow mask my premenstrual acne is reduced almost to zero! (Maybe it's too much info but I've decided to share as many, many girls have problems with that too).

clay and glow mask ingredients list

Overall - Yes! I think it's all worth this hype and buzz! Right after use, my skin is radiant, fresh, revitalized. Pores are definitely less noticeable and any inflammations are calmed and reduced.

Availability: Clay and Glow

(contains affiliate link. If you order the mask from the I'll get small commission).  

Price: €25.95 - 60g / €39.95 - 130g (free application brush included).

Are you familiar with the famous Clay and Glow mask? Let me know what you think about it!

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