November 24, 2019

Review | Plastimea - MEASTEAM - Facial Sauna

measteam gezichtssauna
Thanks to the Plastimea Nederland I was able to try this MEASTEAM facial sauna.

I have never used that type of device before so I was extremely curious how it works and how the results are.

The quality of MEASTEAM facial sauna

The device itself is very well made. Used components are of high quality. The device is easy to set up which I like. I am very pleased with the design.

How to use the MEASTEAM facial steamer? 

It is very simple. Pour 40ml water in the reservoir, switch it on, adjust the steam strength and device is ready to use within 3 minutes.

My thoughts after using MEASTEAM facial sauna

 I liked facial steaming! It makes my pores open and right after blackheads are easy to remove, the face feels smoother, fresh and looks very radiant. I like to apply sheet mask and serum after steaming - the products are working super effectively then and it gives the face a boost.

measteam facial sauna steamer

Steam inhalation while having cold or flu

The MEASTEAM is also useful for steaming the sinuses when having a cold or flu - with or without the essential oils - it brings a huge relief unblocking the sinuses within seconds. I have tried it too and I swear that in combination with eucalyptus oil it makes breathing easier immediately.


Measteam is available at - click here - for just 24,90 euro.

Check also all other Plastimea Nederland devices here - they sell not only facial saunas but also wax warmer machines and all of the products are super affordable.

Big thanks to the Plastimea Nederland for providing the MEASTEAM for review purposes. 

Disclaimer: Not sponsored. I have got the product in exchange for an honest review.

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