October 16, 2019

Review | Ecooking - Peeling Mask

ecooking denmark peeling mask review

A couple of months ago inside the Look Fantastic Box, I've found this Ecooking peeling mask

At first, I was a little bit skeptical when it comes to the warning from the top of the packaging - "no panic - if the skin turns red - it works". Throughout the years of my skincare journey, I've learned a lesson that if my skin turns red while applying something it usually ends up pretty bad (even when it's normal when it comes to acids) But hey - no risk no fun so I've decided to give it a try.

The mask contains: gluconolactone and glycolic, salicylic and lactic acid. Besides that, there's also a squalane. I've got the solid 15ml sample which was enough for like 6 applications.

Overall, I liked the mask. It has a pleasant, gel-like almost watery texture and it's easy to apply as it spreads easily. Thankfully, right after application my face didn't turn red and I felt the tingling, pricking sensation but it wasn't unpleasant. Right after use, my skin was really bright, extra refreshed, smooth and radiant. Pores were minimized and the dull skin was nicely exfoliated.

ecooking denmark skincare peeling mask

Attention: the mask isn't recommended for people with rosacea or couperose so have that in mind before using the mask if you have such skin condition.

The price of the full-sized 50ml jar is €35. I am really satisfied with the results and I think that in future I may repurchase. It's my first product from Ecooking, before the #LFbeautybox I haven't heard about this brand at all so it's a nice discovery thanks to the Look Fantastic Box!

You can buy the whole Ecooking skincare range @ Look Fantastic store. Use my code for -25% for your first order - EWA-R12Z.

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