February 25, 2019

Review | Ziaja - Body scrubs - Cupuacu and Caramelized almond

I can't imagine my body care without proper scrub. I am using it often and all of the time trying new ones, preferably at a good price point.

I bought the Cupuacu scrub a few months ago in a polish store in my city for around 4 euro and the caramelized almond one was included inside the gift package from www.ziajafocusonskin.nl - big thanks!

The scents of these scrubs are amazing - cupuacu smells like caramelized, roasted nuts dipped in chocolate and the caramelized almond reminds me of marzipan sweets.

The exfoliating factor in both scrubs is sugar. The sugar grains are kind of big, which I like! In the cupuacu and caramelized almond as well the whole sugar grains provide a solid exfoliation but does not irritate the skin at all. That is a huge plus point. The skin right after use is smooth, soft and well moisturized.

The scrubs are not leaving any sticky residue on the bathtub or under the shower - that happens often with oil-based scrubs, here I have not noticed anything like that.

Overall, I really enjoyed using both of the scrubs, if I have to choose which one I like better then it would be hard because both works really, really good! For me, these scrubs have everything that proper body scrub should have. I really recommend it if you like to change your usual bath time in a mini relaxing spa moment.

You can get both scrubs in Ziaja's dutch supplier Focus on Skin store here:

You can find some of Ziaja's products on bol.com too!

The product was provided for review purposes by Ziaja Focus on Skin.

Although I got the scrub for free the review is based on my own experience only.

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