May 15, 2019

Review | Beauty boxes available in the Netherlands - GoodieBox and StyleToneBox + kortingscodes


Today I would like to show you two of the beauty boxes available in the Netherlands - StyleToneBox and GoodieBox. I am subscribed to StyleToneBox since October 2016, and to GoodieBox since April 2018.

I would like to tell you more about them, about the prices and about the quality of cosmetics included in general.

A lot of girls like surprises, that is why they are excited to see what is inside this "mystery" box.
I am one of them, but I can understand people who are afraid that they can get a product which they would not like, formula or shade which is not their favorite, etc.

To prevent that sort of disappointments, both StyleTone and GoodieBox are asking us to answer few questions about our skin and hair type, skin and eye color and preferred foundation or concealer shades to make sure that we can always get a proper match. Still, if we are not happy with the shade or product in general, there are groups or profiles on Instagram or Facebook where we can exchange with someone.

What if we notice that there is a damaged product inside the box? That happened to me three times with StyleTone Box, even if the box was carefully and nicely packed, I guess postal service did not pay enough attention to deliver it in one piece... In this case, it is enough to reach out via email to client service with photos of damaged product - a new one would be sent out to us immediately or if it is out of stock we will get a similar product. The client services of StyleTone and GoodieBox are easily reachable through e-mail and in my opinion are very friendly and helpful and respond quickly.

What holds people against subscribing to such box - from what I have heard - is that they are worried that they may receive only samples or expired products.

So what is really inside the box?  Of course makeup, skincare, and often brushes, makeup sponges, etc. StyleToneBox always has 5 full-size products. GoodieBox claims that inside their box we should find a minimum 3 full sized products, but sometimes all cosmetics included are full sized.

How does the box look like in general? For me, GoodieBox has a lot better packaging than StyleToneBox. It is thick and solid, and StyleTone is smaller and looks like a normal postal box. Inside its covered with bubble foil so all products are well protected.

GoodieBox Nederland

Which one is better?
It is hard to say because as I have mentioned earlier, I like to unwrap the box, enjoy and explore what is inside. Both StyleTone and GoodieBox as well provide brands that are new for me and I like to try out these things and that makes me happy. What is worth to mention, both boxes provide brand new cosmetics with a long expiration date. Every month on my Instagram @beautycourier I post my thoughts about the boxes so there you can see what every box included and decide if it is something for you.

How much does it cost? The StyleToneBox cost 15,95 euro per single box. There are options for one, three, six and twelve months. GoodieBox is 19,95 euro per single box.

GoodieBox Nederland

If you are interested, you can use these links to get boxes a bit cheaper.

Goodiebox kortingscode

First GoodieBox with 5 euro discount - use my link (click) and get a 5 euro discount for your 1st box - just 13,95 instead of 19,95.

Update January 2020: The GoodieBox is now delivered through DHL instead of PostNL.

Styletonebox kortingscode

First StyleToneBox 15,95 euro - click here or use this code FGF27732.

Update January 2020: The StyleToneBox is now delivered with track and trace code through PostNL.

It is a win-win situation, because you can try these boxes for a lot cheaper (no strings attached, you can unsubscribe at any time) and thanks to that I may get some points in my account, which I can use later to get a box for free or also cheaper.

beautyboxes verkrijgbaar in nederland met korting

I hope that now you are familiar with these two boxes. What do you think about them? Which one would you choose? If you have further questions - leave a comment below!

Disclaimer: I am not associated with GoodieBox or StyleToneBox. I pay for subscriptions myself. The post includes affiliation links.

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