May 14, 2019

Review | AVON - Golden mushroom sleep mask |

avon k-beauty sleeping maskOut of curiosity, I bought this golden mushroom sleep mask from Avon Korean beauty inspired skincare line. 

Who would expect that brand such as Avon would create their own Korean skincare products? Is it just jumping on a bandwagon or are they really interested in the Korean skincare trend and wanted to create something fresh and new? Avon claims that these products and formulas are created exclusively in Korea in partnership with Korean luxury beauty manufacturer Bonne.

Besides the Golden Mushroom mask in the Avon's Korean Beauty skincare line we can find (according to Polish Avon brochure): 

  • Glass effect sugar maple sheet face mask
  • Cica smoothing sheet face mask
  • Gold hyaluronic under eye patches
  • The jelly kiss lip mask
  • Golden mushroom sleeping mask 

AVON Golden mushroom sleep mask

The mask is infused with three antioxidant-rich mushrooms: chaga, shiitake, and matsutake. The mask is supposed to give our skin a radiance and moisture boost. 

The mask itself has a rich yet lightweight creamy texture. It smells so nice - light and powdery. 

AVON Golden mushroom sleep mask - My conclusion

I am pleasantly surprised by how good the mask works. I am not a fan of heavy or too creamy textures when it comes to my evening routine - usually, to prevent any breakouts or clogged pores I am choosing light, watery textures and as the mask is a bit creamy in the texture I was a little bit worried but decided to give it a try. At first, the texture felt a bit heavy but it absorbed almost immediately. Right after use, I was not disappointed - I woke up with a calm, radiant, moisturized and healthy looking complexion. It did not clog my pores. In my opinion, it is a great mask when you expect fast results and want to give your face an instant boost while you sleep. 

You can buy the mask from Avon representatives or the AVON website in your country. The retail price vary around 6 euro. Disclaimer: I bought the product myself.

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