May 28, 2019

Review | Action - 7 days smoothie face masks |

Action - 7 days smoothie face masks review

Some time ago while shopping at Action I have noticed the 7 days smoothie masks set.  Personally, I like to apply masks every day so I have decided to give it a try. The set caught my eye immediately. 
The packaging layout is fun, nice and colorful.

The set contains seven face masks - one for every weekday.  

  • Monday - fruity papaya vitalizing peel off
  • Tuesday - chocolate and strawberry nourishing clay
  • Wednesday - fresh mint and lemon invigorating clay
  • Thursday - avocado and oatmeal purifying clay
  • Friday - cucumber refreshing peel off
  • Saturday - sweet berry mix self-heating clay
  • Sunday - mixed fruits moisturizing clay

Action - 7 days smoothie face masks my experience

I liked four of seven masks - the "Tuesday", "Wednesday" and "Thursday". These are clay masks, based on the kaolin clay - white clay known as powerful detoxifying clay, which is supposed to clean our skin from all the impurities and unclog the pores. The "Sunday" mask is a typical gel mask, it has moisturizing properties and it's easy and pleasant to use.

I did not like the "Saturday" mask - it was too thick, unpleasant, felt like rubber (I guess that's because of paraffine high on the ingredients list). The formula is just bad in my opinion. It was very difficult to wash it out.

The "Monday" and  "Friday" masks were OK, I would say that they work like any other regular peel off masks.

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Overall, I think that the set is OK for the price of 3 euro. Maybe it is not the best I ever tried but four of seven masks were fine and worked well on my skin. I would not repurchase but it was fun to try.

You can buy the mask set at your local Action store - for all available locations visit :)

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Not sponsored - I have bought the product myself.

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