April 21, 2019

Review | Benton - Snail Bee Hydrogel Eye Patch

snail bee hydrogel eye patchesOnce again I was chosen as a one of testers for Benton Cosmetic product, this time Benton is coming up with these eye patches.

The active ingredients are: 
  • snail secretion filtrate
  • bee venom
  • hyaluronic acid
  • niacinamide
  • adenosine (responsible for skin brightening purposes)
  • gold, diamond, pearl and charcoal powders. 

The patches are 100% water soluble, made out of seaweeds. Patches are free from PEG and silicones.

Tip from Benton: you can put used patches in empty  bottle and mix it with 50ml of lukewarm water - then voila - homemade body mist is ready!

Inside the luxurious looking packaging we can find 60 eye patches = 30 pairs. That is a quite good amount. There is also a spatula included, so we can apply the product in an extra hygienic way.
According to Benton, patches are multi-tasking so could be used also for wrinkled areas such as cheekbones, around lips or neck as well.

Patches itself are beautiful - it is a deep, dark green almost black coloured patch with sparkling (diamond and pearl powder) pieces inside.  Patches are generously soaked in the essence, tightly adhere to the under eye area and are not slippery at all despite the fact how pre soaked patches are.

depuffing eye patches

My conclusion: I am really impressed how the patches works! Right after use my under eye area is extremely smoothed, nourished and moisturized. I can tell that my skin is literally drinking all the essence which makes my under eye area definitely firmer, brighter and fresh. All under eye bags and swelling disappears. And that all in just less than half of hour. On the before and after pictures you can clearly see the result. My tip is to keep the patches in your fridge for extra cooling effect!

Big thanks to Benton Cosmetic for providing the product for review purposes.

Disclaimer: Even though I got this product for free the review is based on my own experience only.

You can buy Benton body and skincare on:

  • Look Fantastic - use my code EWA-R12Z for 25% discount on your first order (the discount works on orders above 35 euro).
  • Bol.com - good prices and fast shipping in the Netherlands

The retail price of Snail Bee Ultimate Hydrogel Patches is 28.00$.

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