April 07, 2019

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Yay! Once again I was chosen as one of the lucky testers of new Benton Cosmetic product - the Shea butter and olive hand cream. Personally, I am using hand cream a few times per day.  From the hand cream, I expect that it would be extra nourishing and would not leave any tackiness, greasiness or any other residue. I like to reapply the cream right after every hand wash.

Benton - Shea butter and olive hand cream

Active ingredients are: ECOCERT certified shea butter, olive oil, hyaluronic acid, and panthenol. All ingredients used by Benton in this formulation are dermatologically tested and have the EWG green grade. The hand creme comes in a nice, 50g tube which is easy to squeeze. You can use the cream up till the last drop!

The Benton hand creme has a surprisingly light texture, and it is nourishing at the same time. Do not be fooled with the texture - it is indeed light but thick enough to provide moisture. It absorbs very quickly, and does not leave any sticky residue! That is what I like!

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The scent is nice yet very unusual - in my opinion, smells like something herbal with lemony notes. It does not contain any artificial scents, only essential oils so the scent is pure and natural.

Right after use, hands are soothed, nourished and very soft. All dry spots are immediately moisturized.  I definitely see an improvement in the condition of the skin in my hands' area.

Overall - I really recommend trying this hand cream. It is something which you can call a holy grail. It gives me everything that I expect from the hand cream and even more.

Big thanks to Benton Cosmetics for providing the product for review purposes. Disclaimer: Even though I got this product for free the review is based on my own experience only.

You can buy Benton body and skincare on the StyleKorean website.
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