March 16, 2019

Review | Benton - Shea Butter and Coconut body lotion

I am one of the lucky testers of this Benton Shea butter & coconut oil body lotion. I was really happy when I got the mail with the announcement, previously I tried a few Benton products from their face care range, I love them and they are part of my skincare since then so I was extremely curious about what else Benton has in their offer.

The Benton body lotion main ingredients are shea butter and coconut oil. Also, it's enriched with a 5-hyaluronic acid complex. According to Benton, all ingredients are naturally derived and ECO-CERT certified. Sounds good!

The lotion has almost no scent. I would say it's very delicate.

The package is really nice - it's 250ml easy to dispense tube. I like the design of the tube, it's simple and typical for Benton yet it's an eye-catcher.

The texture is really lightweight (I would say it's something in between milk and gel) spreads out easily and absorbs very quickly.

The lotion does not leave any sticky or greasy residue. I really like it - for me it's important - I am not a fan of oily, tacky body lotions and when it takes ages for the product to absorb.

According to Benton, this body lotion can be used on the face as well - I tried and I have to say it works well! I do not have any issues while using shea butter or coconut oil on my face so definitely going to use it in this way more often.

Overall, I really enjoy using this body lotion. Makes my skin soft, well moisturized and regenerated. Works great too while used instead of a hand or feet cream. I can't find any minus points.
It's a really good product and definitely, it's not my last tube.

You can buy Benton body and skincare on the StyleKorean website.

You can buy the body lotion here:

Big thanks for Benton for providing the body lotion for review purposes. Check out the Benton website here.

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