March 19, 2019

Review | AVON - Planet SPA - Korean Charcoal - deep cleansing gel, peel off mask and sponge |

avon planet spa
I bet everyone heard already of Korean (K-beauty) skincare products and regiments. Nowadays this type of skincare is enormously popular and every product with "Korean" in the name or Korean inspired draws a lot of public attention. No wonder that many brands want to jump on the wagon and have a profit for themselves. 

Avon also noticed this trend (a bit late to be honest) and in the last brochures launched a few K-beauty inspired products. I have ordered this Korean charcoal infused set - cleansing gel, peel off mask and the sponge.

AVON - Planet SPA - Korean Charcoal - deep cleansing gel, peel off mask and sponge

The cleansing gel - it is OK in general. Unfortunately, it is not removing any eyeliner, mascara or matte lipstick. Because of that for me it works best as a final cleanser - I use the gel to remove any leftover makeup residues or to wash off micellar water residue from my face.
I would not agree that this gel is deep cleansing. It is more like refreshing. Works best while used with the charcoal sponge.

The peel-off mask - typical peel off mask. Very thick texture, but you need to apply a lot. Right after use face seems to be soft but I did not notice any deep cleansing. Comparing to other charcoal Korean masks which I have tried it is nothing special.

The sponge - literally the best product of the Avon's Korean Charcoal line. Works well with the cleansing gel and it is perfect as a clay masks removal.

AVON - Planet SPA - Korean Charcoal skincare line - my opinion

Overall - I am not a fan of this line but also I am not disappointed. The products are OK but nothing above that. 

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