December 31, 2018

Review | Benton - Deep green tea lotion

I was lucky enough to be one of the testers of this Benton green tea lotion. Once before I tried their snail serum and Centella asiatica sheet mask so I was curious about what Benton has to offer this time.

The deep green tea lotion is supposed to be helping us while our skin needs extra moisture when it's stressed and need to calm. Also, it claims to help us in getting proper oil-water balance in the skin and it helps us to get rid of excessive sebum.

The ingredients list is based on famous South Korean freshly harvested in Boseong green tea, Centella Asiatica extract, and tocopherol - fat-soluble vitamin E.

The lotion is very lightweight, and it's not greasy, doesn't leave any residue. It absorbs very quickly. Right after use my skin is well moisturized, relaxed and soothed. I like to use this lotion during my evening skin routine because I think that then this product can show the full potential. But it works very well as a daily moisturizer or even as a moisturizing make up base. It doesn't have any artificial scents so it's perfect for people with allergies.

Only one minus point is the packaging. It is very hard to get the proper amount because the bottle has a very tiny hole and is hard and I can't squeeze it. Maybe Benton should think about adding a pump to the bottle and it may make applying the product a lot easier.

You can buy the lotion here on the StyleKorean store.

Or try these shops:

The product was provided by Benton in exchange for an honest review.

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