November 01, 2018

Review | Ziaja - Argan & Tsubaki oils concentrated hair mask

The Ziaja argan & Tsubaki oils concentrated hair mask is perfect for broken and damaged hair. 

Enriched with argan and Tsubaki oils, does not contain any silicones which make it perfect for curly girl type of haircare. All emollients included in the ingredients list makes hair soft and bouncy.
The mask is also perfect as an emulsifier if you want to wash out oil from your hair.

What is also worth a mention is that the mask has an awesome oriental scent. The texture of the mask is very creamy and because of that, I need to use a lot of product at once as I have quite long hair.

Overall it is a really pleasant hair mask and you can get if for just 4€/200ml. I really liked it and I think I'll buy the serum and shampoo from this line as well.

Click here for ingredients.

The product was provided for review purposes by Ziaja dutch supplier ❤️ big thanks!

Although I got the mask for free the review is based on my own experience only.

You can buy this mask here (official Ziaja Nederland store).

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