October 26, 2018

Review | Ziaja Med - Antibacterial face toner

This Ziaja Med antibacterial face toner surprised me. First of all, there's no alcohol on the ingredients list, which is great! Also, it doesn't contain any fragrance which makes it perfect for people who don't like scents in their skincare or simply are allergic to that.

Speaking about the ingredients list, in my opinion, it's really ok without useless stuff. The toner contains zinc for antibacterial purposes, allantoin, and panthenol which makes my skin super soft. Works well with any active pimples or inflammations, heals them quite fast. I like to use this toner in morning right after cleaning my face with only cold water and at the evening in my regular skincare.

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What works best for me is to pour the toner into the spray bottle, thanks to that I do not waste any drop of product. I really recommend this toner to people like me, with oily or mixed skin with acne prone tendencies. It is really gentle for the skin and does all that you may expect from facial toner.

The toner cost 7,39€ per 200 ml bottle. You can get it on Ziaja Nederland Focus on Skin store.

Big thanks to Ziaja Focus On Skin Nederland for providing the product for review purposes. Although I got this product for free the review is in 100% my own and based on my experience.

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