September 14, 2018

Review | MakeUp Actie - something for makeup lovers in the Netherlands

Today a few words about MakeUpActie. This post will be useful for girls in the Netherlands who like some nice makeup stuff. If you have not heard about MakeUpActie - its a monthly subscription where for 5,99 euro per month you get a make up product. Every month it is a new product, and till the day of sending, they do not reveal what it is. Every subscriber gets the same product, only shades are customized on a base of short question form which you have to fill while purchasing.

Why is it fun? Every month there is a small surprise, of course, not everyone likes surprises and would prefer to know what would they get but for me, it is simply fun to reveal what this month is in the package.

On the pictures you can see what for example you can get from the MakeUpActie.

If you will join the MakeUpActie using my link you will get one from the previous makeup stuff completely for free so you can see if its something that you like. A monthly fee is just 5,99 euro and there are no strings attached and you can unsubscribe anytime you want.

If you got damaged product or have any questions - their client service is very friendly and reply fast.

Join using my link to get one product for free. As far as I know, the subscription works only in the Netherlands.

Not sponsored.

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