September 10, 2018

Beauty tip | Hair oiling in a water bowl

Today I would like to introduce you to hair oiling. Its well known since long and you can do it in a different ways - you can apply the oil straight on dry hair or apply a moisturizer like water with sugar mix mist or flaxseed gel first as a base and apply your favorite oil on that, or also you can do it in my favorite way - in a water bowl.

What do you need? 

  • standard water bowl, I guess everyone has it in their bathroom 
  • warm or lukewarm water (not hot water as it causes damage to your hair) 
  • thick hair oil - it has to be thick so it can swim on the surface of the water 
  • bathing cap and towel 
  • to make the treatment more effective - pour some milk, honey, lemon juice or nettle tea 1:1 with water amount, it adds a nice twist and has more nourishing properties for your hair

How to do that?

Fill the bowl with water to the half, add 1,5 spoon (5ml) of the oil to the bowl - I like to add argan oil or hemp oil as well. On the water surface, you'll notice the dots of oil (like when you eat chicken broth). Soak your hair into the water, make sure that it is covered in oil. Use the towel to remove excess water from your hair and put the cap on for 30 minutes. Personally, I do not like to keep it longer under the cap because I have noticed that it is not good for my scalp condition.

How to remove the oil from your hair?

Use a hair conditioner and wash your hair with it. What is the best in this case: use the conditioner without silicones - I use Vatika's blackseed conditioner mask or Kallos Color.

Why do I think that this method is the best for my hair?

The oil does not add moisture to your hair, it closes the moisture inside the hair. Thanks to lukewarm water hair cuticles are bit opened so the moisture can get deep inside and it is immediately held inside thanks to the oil.

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