September 08, 2020

Review | Ewali Beauty - Skin Glow Face Oil

Review | Ewali Beauty - Skin Glow Face Oil

Thanks to the Ewali Beauty Instagram giveaway I could test out this Skin Glow face oil.


The Skin Glow face oil is a blend of precious botanical oils, such as

marula oil 
jojoba oil 
apricot kernel oil 
rosehip oil 
evening primrose oil. 

More than that, the Skin Glow face oil contains a rich source of antioxidants from vitamin C and E.

The Skin Glow face oil is 100% vegan and Cruelty-Free.

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I thought that the 15 ml bottle would be tiny but a little goes in a long way as I need only a few drops for my face, neck and decolleté.

The oil is perfectly lightweight, absorbs very quickly, and does not leave any tacky residue so it can be incorporated in AM and PM routine as well.

I am using the Skin Glow oil for more than a month now and I have noticed that the oil has soothing properties, makes my skin nourished and plumped. My skin feels glowing and fully hydrated afterward.

Also, my old acne scars started to be less visible which I didn't expect!

The oil has a lovely rose scent and I can't get enough of it 😍


Overall, I am very satisfied. I think that it is a very excellent product.
Feels luxurious and natural, and I do really enjoy using it.

Available at: Ewali Beauty shop (click here)

Price:  €20/10ml, €25/15ml, €40/30ml

Have you heard about Ewali Beauty? Let me know! For me this brand looks really promising and I'll definitely try some more of their products.

September 01, 2020

Review | ANLAN - Intelligent anti wrinkle eye massager

Review | ANLAN - Intelligent anti wrinkle eye massager

Some time ago Jenna from Anlan contacted me and asked if I would like to try out one of their products. I have seen a lot of interesting stuff on their site, but decided to try this Intelligent Anti Wrinkle Eye Massager. 


The Anlan Intelligent Anti Wrinkle Eye Massager is lightweight and easy to grip. It is made out of high-quality components and feels very luxurious while holding it in hand. Inside the box, we can find a device, USB charger and etui.

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The Anlan Intelligent Eye massager has a 45° angled head which makes it easy to use and massage the under-eye area. It can be used on nasolabial folds and on the forehead as well. 

The massager has a red light therapy function, high-frequency sound wave vibration, and 37-45℃ heat treatment. 

How to use the device?

Press the ON button a few times and simply choose mode 1, 2, or 3.

Mode 1 - Massage wave vibration + heat treatment + red light therapy - skin whitening and rejuvenation + improving eye contour elasticity 

Mode 2 - Heat treatment + red light therapy - heat treatment with temperature from 37 to 45 ℃, reducing eye fatigue, smoothing out the wrinkles in the eye area.

Mode 3 - Massage with sound wave vibration + heat treatment - high-frequency sound wave vibrations and accelerating the absorption of products.

The massager is a nice add-on to my daily skincare routine. I love to use the heat treatment plus vibrations mode in the morning, right after waking up on my bare skin (or in combination with caffeine serum), to reduce the puffiness and dark circles around my eyes. It makes my eye area looking fresh within no time.

Now I can not imagine my PM routine without this device. I love the heat treatment / red light therapy function. The warmth makes my face relaxed and calm. I like to use the wave vibrations too to get the most out of all the active ingredients in my skincare regimen.

Overall, I think that the ANLAN intelligent eye massager is just awesome. It gives instant results - after two weeks of using it, my skin is in top shape - is visibly smoother, softer and brighter. I believe that consistency is the key in that matter, and I think that results can be even better over time.

You can buy the ANLAN massager in these stores: - shipping in the Netherlands - 37.95 

Aliexpress - worldwide shipping -  $22.49

ANLAN Official store - woldwide shipping - $36.53

Big thank you to Jenna and ANLAN for providing the product for review purposes.

August 23, 2020

Unboxing | Jumiso - All day Vitamin Influencer Pack

Unboxing | Jumiso - All day Vitamin Influencer Pack


Thanks to the I've got this Jumiso Influencer Pack. I'd like to tell you more about all the Jumiso products as they are really interesting! 

Before introducing you to the Jumiso products, I would like to invite you to take a look at the shop and their Instagram profile. offers not only Jumiso but  also many other interesting Korean brands as well so you can complete your skincare routine easily in one place.

You can order Jumiso products there with -20% discount, just use the code BEAUTYCOURIER 🥰 (not sponsored or affiliated)

About Jumiso

Jumiso is a Korean brand and their name in Korean stands for "Ju" - give and "miso" - means smile, so literally it can be translated as "make you smile" - that is the Jumiso's main motto.

All day Vitamin brightening and balancing serum 

I am already familiar with this product and I totally love it. You can read my full review here.

This is a highly concentrated, non-water based serum. Key ingredients are Vitamin Tree Extract, Centella Asiatica Extract, Chamomilla Recutita flower Extract, hyaluronic acid and niacinamide.

 All day Vitamin Clean and Mild facial cleanser

The cleanser is based on low pH (5.5 - 6.5) formula. It is supposed to clean pores effectively in a mild  way. Salicylic acid and Chlorhexidine are responsible for antibacterial purposes.

All Day Vitamin nourishing and recharging wash off mask

Formulated with multivitamin complex and lemon peel. The mask gives dull skin a huge glow boost and works nourishing at the same time.

jumiso all day vitamin

How do you like the Jumiso All day Vitamin line? For me all products are interesting, especially the mask - can not wait to try it out. Reviews are coming soon so stay tuned!

And do not forget to visit the store for more Korean skincare products (not sponsored).

My Jumiso reviews:

August 19, 2020

Unboxing + Review | Goodiebox Limited Editions - Starskin, Comme Deux, Miqura

Unboxing + Review | Goodiebox Limited Editions - Starskin, Comme Deux, Miqura

Goodiebox limited edition

Another Goodiebox limited edition box just was announced (I hope it's going to be something like in Denmark recently 😍) and I haven't uploaded pictures of previous LE boxes yet so here we go!

Tip: always review the products on the Goodiebox site - you'll get Goodiepoints in return which you can use later for a discount on the Limited Edition boxes or in Goodiebox shop. Or you can spare for a free box! Sounds good, isn't it?


The Starskin x GoodieBox Limited Edition box  | €24.95 | 4 masks and full sized Pink Cactus serum mist

Inside the box:

Various Starskin masks / Orglamic Pink Cactus serum mist

I really liked this one. I always have a high-quality time with Starskin masks so this box was perfect for me. I was a bit disappointed that there were only four masks but I've enjoyed it anyway.

comme deux x goodiebox limited edition

The Comme Deux x GoodieBox Limited Edition box | €39.95 - five full sized products inside

Inside the box:

#Pinkdrops serum booster / #Pinkpaint face mask / #LipLove lip oil / #Discoskin face mask / #Blushup blush

I've discovered Comme Deux in 2018 when Goodiebox included the #BluePaint face mask in one of their boxes. I was very excited when I've heard that Goodiebox announced a limited edition in cooperation with their sister brand.

Tip: You can buy Comme Deux products in GoodieShop using GoodiePoints for extra discount.

goodiebox x miqura limited edition

Miqura x GoodieBox Limited Edition box | €24.95 - nine products inside

Inside the box: 

Various masks including the famous butt mask / jelly face cleanser / golden glow cream / 2 in 1 body scrub

Miqura is another brand that I've discovered throughout the GoodieBox. That's why subscribing brings that much fun to me - always I can try and discover something new! Their products are very pleasant and I'm happy that I can try them out.

goodiebox limited edition kortingscode

How do you like these Limited Edition boxes? Are you into them or think it's just a cash grab? For me, it's a good way to try out new stuff and the boxes are always filled with a lot of awesome products so honestly, I can say that I love Limited Editions of the Goodiebox.

Goodiebox limited edition kortingscode

It gives you €5 euro off on your first box! (not sponsored)

July 30, 2020

Review | Benton - Tea Tree serum

Review | Benton - Tea Tree serum
A few weeks ago Benton kindly sent me this Tea Tree Serum - thank you so much #Benton! I was looking for a lightweight serum for summertime so started out testing immediately.⠀

The few facts about Benton Tea Tree Serum:⠀
🌱 contains 80% Korean tea tree extracts⠀
🌱 helps to achieve clear skin by managing the oil-water balance⠀
🌱 provides vitality ⠀
🌱 it is a mild serum with slightly acidic pH ⠀
The key ingredients:⠀
🌱 80% of tea tree extracts - tea tree water, tea tree oil and tea tree leaf extract⠀
🌱 betaine derived from sugar beet⠀
🌱 dipotasium glycyrrhizate derived from liquorice root⠀
🌱 arginine⠀
🌱 bark extracts⠀
I adore how lightweight this serum is! It has a watery, bit running texture and soaks into the skin very quickly - my skin is literally drinking it. It is not sticky and is very gentle. It's definitely a good choice for hot and humid summer days. ⠀
The serum has soothing and cooling properties. Any irritations, redness, or inflammations are gone within a few minutes. Recently I had a huge breakout on my jawline, caused by wearing masks (I believe that type of problem is called #maskne now), and thanks to the Benton Tea Tree Serum I could get rid of that immediately. ⠀

Benton Tea Tree Serum ingredients list - source

This serum is now a part of my AM and PM routine as well. My skin is definitely well hydrated, plumped, and gets a cute dewy look.⠀
What's also worth mentioning is the dispenser. It's an airless eco-pump, which is made of sustainable material and can be fully recycled ♻️. ⠀
Big thanks to Benton for providing products for review purposes. Even though I've got the product for free, my opinion is 100% honest and isn't influenced by the brand in any way.⠀
Do you like Benton? What's your favorite product when it comes to this brand? Or maybe you are not a fan? Let me know!

Price: $13 / $16

Availability: StyleKorean / YesStyle - use my code BEAUTYCOU123 for discount

July 26, 2020

Review | HEMA - Coconut oil infused hair brush

Review | HEMA - Coconut oil infused hair brush

I just love shopping in HEMA - their products esthetics and quality are really up my alley. 

A few weeks ago I've bought this cute hairbrush. The (synthetic, I believe) hair bristles are infused with the coconut oil which is supposed to give the hair a nice shine.

I have long and thick hair so I am always picky when it comes to a hair brush. It should be well made and should not snag or pull my hair.

The brush base is very solid and made of a single piece of plastic so there is no way the handle can fall off. I like how well made it is. The brush feels really comfortable in my hand, thanks to the nice ergonomic handle design.

The HEMA hairbrush is the perfect everyday brush. It does a great job of smoothing and detangling. I love the shape of it as it brushes out big chunks of my hair at a time. It glides easily through wet or dry hair as well. 

Thanks to the coconut oil-infused bristles, it gives my hair a nice shine (do not worry, it would not make the hair greasy in any way).

Overall I do really recommend this HEMA hair brush. It is very affordable - €6 - and perfect for all kinds of hair, helps to detangle and maintains a soft, shiny hair look.

I do not know how long-lasting the coconut oil infusion effect would be, but so far I'm really impressed. 

I think that the HEMA coconut oil-infused hairbrush is a really good option if you are looking for a good, solid, and affordable hairbrush.

Price: €6

What's your current hairbrush? Let me know what do you think about this HEMA hairbrush too ⬇️

July 14, 2020

Review | Bodhi Herbal Spa Cosmetics - Floral therapy hand cream

Review | Bodhi Herbal Spa Cosmetics - Floral therapy hand cream

Bodhi Herbal Spa Cosmetics - Floral therapy hand cream

Thanks to the Bodhi Herbal Spa Cosmetics I was able to try out their Floral Therapy hand cream. Not so long ago I wrote about the Bodhi's Soap set so check it out too.

Bodhi Herbal Spa Cosmetics are made in Thailand and according to their website, all products are made out of 100% natural ingredients and are not tested on animals

Check out Bodhi Herbal Spa Cosmetics web store here and see how many wonderful products they have in their offer.

Bodhi Herbal Spa Cosmetics - Floral therapy hand cream

Nowadays extra hand care is a must. We all do wash hands more than usual and all the alcohol-based disinfectants are very harsh for the skin. Cracked, very sensitive, and dry skin is something that some of us are concerned about right now.

The Bodhi Herbal Spa Cosmetics Floral Therapy hand cream is based on cocoa and shea butter plus jojoba, rice, and macadamia oils. The formula is enriched with lavender, chamomile, honey, beeswax, and propolis. It also contains biotin and lecithin which boosts the skin cell regeneration process.

Bodhi Herbal Spa Cosmetics - Floral therapy hand cream

The Floral Therapy hand cream smells wonderful. The scent is definitely luxurious - herbal with fresh notes. The texture is very pleasant, creamy yet very lightweight.

The cream sinks in my skin almost immediately and doesn’t leave any sticky or oily residue so it's perfect on the go.

Right after using my hands are well-nourished and silky soft. The cream works like a treatment - heals cracked, harsh skin, and keeps my hands moisturized for a long time so I do not have to reapply every time I wash my hands.

Overall I really recommend this Bodhi Herbal Spa Cosmetics Floral Therapy hand cream. It's very pleasant in use and healing for sensitive hands.

Availability: web store -

Price: 13 £ / 14.32€

Big thanks to Bodhi Herbal Spa Cosmetics for providing a product for review purposes. I've got the product for free in exchange for an honest review and the opinion is not influenced by the brand.

What's your favorite hand cream? Let me know ⬇️

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